People are now looking for opportunities to invest in West Africa looking at its positive growth trend. The wild animals and jungles also make West Africa a great place for tourism. Different events and conferences take place around the year to promote business and tourism in West Africa. Here are some of the events that will be held this year.

West Africa Modern Airports

Date: 20th June 2017 – 21st June 2017

Venue: Accra, Ghana

This event is about growing and modernizing the aviation industry of West Africa. This industry generates millions of jobs and earns billions of dollars. This industry is growing. Investors and managers are required to take care of the growing passenger, cargo traffic, etc. The event is held to discuss how all these will be managed and revenue will be generated. Aviation professionals will be attending the event and they will talk about the challenges in this industry and how they can be solved.

PROPAK West Africa 2017

Date: 19th September 2017 – 21st September 2017

Venue: Lagos, Nigeria

About 150 companies in the packaging and processing industry will be presnet in this event. There will be exhibitions and conferences. This event will give you business and networking opportunities.

3rd Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum Conference & Exhibition

Date: 5th October 2017 – 6th October 2017

Venue: Cape Town, South Africa

The top women entrepreneurs and leaders of Africa will participate in this event. There will be an exchange of ideas and practices. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and empowerment will be promoted in this event.

West Africa Property Investment Summit

Date: 16th November 2017 – 17th November 2017

Venue: Accra, Ghana

In this event, there will be keynote speakers and industry experts who will be sharing their views about the property landscape of West Africa. You will learn about opportunities and reasons to invest in the property market of West Africa.

These events will play a big role in promoting West Africa as a place for investment. If you are looking forward to investing in West Africa or know more about the place, you should participate in these events.