West Africa Discovery is a site to promote West Africa as an attractive tourist and business destination. In this site, you will know everything about West Africa from politics and travel to food and music. You will learn about the land, tribes, animals, festivals, business, and more.

In the past, West Africa was linked to some terrible stories about civil wars, diamond mining, famine, political disruption, etc. But these views are changing. Now people talk about the heritage of West Africa, its beautiful landscape, animals and the interesting tribal groups. Though many countries in West Africa are very poor, developments are taking place. The number of foreign investments has increased and people are becoming more urbanized. So, education is improving, buildings are made, roads are improved and the overall condition of the countries have to show a positive trend.

This site will help investors and tourists to discover West Africa. The site is full of resources and you won’t have to look anywhere else for information regarding West Africa.